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Welcome To Hub Lakes 2005

The HUB Lakes league was established over 55 years ago so that the many lake communities that developed in the area could have a structured league of sporting activities for all the lake members to enjoy during the summer months. Since then, some sporting activities have come and some have gone, but HUB Lakes still exists with the original charter to offer the member lakes a structured menu of sports for its residents to participate in and enjoy. All this is done with 100% volunteerism – that is amazing. I would hope that all lakes and their residents participate in as many HUB Lakes sports as possible in the spirit of competitive fun with less emphasis on competitive and more emphasis on fun. I have attended almost every sport we offer and I see the enthusiasm, enjoyment, and fun that not only the participants are having but also the spectators as well. For me personally, it’s all about participation within the structure HUB has offered for more than 5 decades. So my message to you is simple, if you live within the boundaries of a HUB Lake member, take a look at all the sports that are offered. Find a sport you would enjoy playing and give your lake rep a call (the names are listed in the front of this book). Meet some new friends, not only in your own lake but at other lakes as well. After all, a long time ago a great man once said “ a man’s wealth is measured by the number of friends he has”. Enjoy the summer and maybe I will see you at a game. Susan Elko President